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Vendor Risk Management (VRM)

vendor risk management

Vendor Risk Management (VRM)
Cyber Security

What is UK London Manchester Birmingham Glasgow Vendor Risk Management (VRM)?

UK London Manchester Birmingham Glasgow Vendor Risk Management (VRM) The process of identifying, evaluating, and mitigating risks associated with third-party vendors. It is a multi-layered security approach that includes multiple layers of due diligence, contract reviews, and service monitoring to ensure that potential risks and vulnerabilities are identified and remediated.

The risks of not doing VRM

The risks of not doing VRM are significant. If your provider doesn’t have proper security measures in place, your business can remain vulnerable to data breaches, cybersecurity threats, and financial loss. A single data breach can cost companies millions of dollars in fines, legal fees and reputational damage. In addition, poor supplier risk management can lead to non-compliance and loss of customer confidence.

Superior Supplier Risk Management Benefits UK, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow

Advantage of VRM

Vendor Risk Assessment Best Practices

If you’re new to the assessment process, by performing due diligence, selection, and ongoing vendor monitoring, you can lower your organization’s exposure to business and safety hazards.
Our experts weigh in on best practices to help your organization prepare for any eventuality:

  • Value Transformation’s Quigley recommends that organizations should have a response plan once they understand potential risks. Here are his suggested risk response options:
    • Risk Acceptance: When a risk is improbable or the impact is negligible, you can choose to take no action.
    • Risk Avoidance: When it is possible to avoid risk, you can employ a different strategy or tactic to eliminate an identified risk. This may open up other, more palatable risks.
    • Risk Transfer: Insurance and outsourcing can mitigate or eliminate risk. Even when outsourced, the vendor may still not deliver on the contracted work, and this resulting risk may impact the organization. Risk transfer may provide legal recourse or other avenues of negotiation. While outsourcing does not eliminate the risk, it may reduce the risk when the supplier has more resources or competency. 
    • Risk Reduction: You can take actions in advance to reduce the severity of the probability of the anticipated risk or risks.
    • Risk Contingency Fund: You can secure funds, should risks occur. Calculate the contingency fund by multiplying the probability of the risk coming to fruition, with the anticipated monetary impact. For example, if outsourced work to a supplier that has a $500,000 effect, with a 30 percent probability of failure (such as late delivery), the contingency budget would be $150,000.

Relationship building with vendors.” Goodwill is a success factor that has no tangible metric but may make a difference at crucial points in the life of your business.  

  • one of the greatest overall risks to any enterprise is to omit vendor assessment reviews from the procurement process altogether. “Many of my clients are now just working on adding vendor risk assessments to their management standards.
    Many companies have been unaware or slow to adopt a VRA process, and as Fakri notes, “Companies have mistakenly tended to value cost savings, short time frames, and visual appearance over quality.”
  • In the event of a pandemic or other public health crisis, “It’s important to identify risks and hazards associated with each process and determine if they still fit with company requirements,” BBN Times’ Berrada stresses. “Organizations should question whether customer demands are realistic or reflective of underlying uncertainties of the times. Continuous vendor review is necessary to ensure a safe organizational environment and avoid supply chain issues now or during any other future cataclysm. “Make sure your inventory levels are at some range past what you might normally need. Many of my clients were adding 2-4 more weeks to deliveries once the crisis hit. Some wanted but couldn’t get goods or services. At this point, we’ve Many companies have been unaware or slow to adopt a VRA process, and as Fakri notes, “Companies have mistakenly tended to value cost savings, short time frames, and visual appearance over quality.”

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